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Our Story

As a person who’s in love with interior design (and a huge candle user) I started noticing that the candles I was using for myself were not as exciting as they could be. They were not daring enough. I was looking for something more aesthetic. Soon after, our Cambridge studio was filled with different ideas, waxes and moulds all leading up to the launch of our new candle range!

We took my passion for art combined it with our immense love for candles sprinkled it with sustainability. We treat FORMA as a piece of living art in a journey of continuous refinement, always looking ahead for exciting design changes, always creating, always innovating. Hope you’ll join me on this journey.

We care a lot about the environment and we’re doing our part in being as eco-conscious as we can: from not waisting any leftover wax to using plastic free packaging. 


Cristina xx